Women’s Center Meeting: 2.15.12

Samantha Villanueva
Staff writer

The Women’s Center held its weekly meeting at 3:30 p.m. yesterday in the Center’s meeting room located Oakley Applied Science Building.

The meeting began with reviews and announcements of events, such as the “Hot Topic” event, which another has been scheduled to take place on February 21, same times and location as the previous one.

The event “Girls Night Out” was scheduled to take place February 15. The Women’s Council was head of the event, which discussed the tips for being safe at night.

The “Any One of Us” event was scheduled to take place next week at Wrather Auditorium. The specific date was not yet set and tickets will start selling at six p.m.

The next event discussed between the members was the Memory, Monologue Rant and a Prayer, which is to take place this Thursday and Friday.

Another review of a past event, the Silent Auction, held last week, was named a success for raising a total of $254.85.

National Eating Disorder Awareness Week, amongst the list of topics, is next week with events scheduled next Sunday and Monday. The information tables for that event will be Tuesday and Wednesday of next week as well.

Press for the America the Beautiful 2: The Thin Commandments film, which will be shown March 12, is scheduled to go up within the following weeks.

In conclusion, two events, which will take place at Mason Hall, were brought to attention. First is a lecture – the name of the author is to be released next week – is scheduled to take place Tuesday, March 6 and a religious lecture will be held next week at Mason Hall at 4 p.m.