Valentine’s Day 2012: Spreading the romance in Murray


Jordie Oetken/The News

Allyson Putman
Staff writer

Red and pink decorations on nearly every wall, Cupid’s arrows flying at full force and conversation hearts make one thing clear: Valentine’s Day is here yet again.

For many couples, celebrating Valentine’s Day is one of the most special experiences in their relationship. It is a day devoted entirely to celebrating their love for one another through activities, gifts or simply spending time together.

While Murray may not be the most exciting spot for nightlife, there are more date locations than one may see at first glance. Cheri Theaters, a beautiful campus and a wide variety of restaurants are all options for organizing one of the best Valentine’s Day date ever.

For starters, a classic idea is to take a valentine to the movies. Dates have been going to the movies on Valentine’s Day for decades for a simple reason – it’s fun. This year, the movie of choice for most Valentine’s Day moviegoers is “The Vow.” This romantic comedy premieres in theaters today.

Another classic, yet often overlooked, idea is to take a date for a romantic walk through campus. For many, simplicity has the potential to rank higher than even the grandest of gestures. Also, this is a great idea for the valentine who is on a budget.

Still, one of the most important parts of creating the ideal Valentine’s Day evening is the dinner plan. Choosing the right restaurant is key. In Murray, some of the top dinner date locations include Jasmine Thai and Sushi, Shogun, Tom’s Grille and Tumbleweed.

Once the reservations have been made and the perfect evening has been planned, it is time to think about gift ideas.

Trevor Busby, senior from Camden, Tenn., and Emily Breitkreitz, junior from West Chicago, Ill., will be celebrating their second Valentine’s Day together this Tuesday.

The couple said they would be keeping their evening rather quiet, with plans to go out to dinner and exchange gifts.

“I don’t want to give her just the usual gifts of flowers and chocolate,” Busby said. “I want it to be something sentimental and with meaning.”

To make finding ideas on Valentine’s Day gifts easier, there are many websites stocked with helpful advice on all sorts of gifts ranging from personalized candy to the right kind of jewelry. One possibility for any holiday is

While Valentine’s Day can be like a sweet smelling rose, many single men and women can find the day to be more like a thorn in their side.

This holiday, however, is not only about love for a significant other but loving oneself. So ladies and gentlemen – put down the ice cream and junk food and check out some neat ideas for celebrating the holiday solo by being treated to a night with friends or simply relaxing.

Brandon Orr, junior from Murray, said he is proud to be celebrating the holiday with his friends.

“Being single on Valentine’s Day is no longer a move of social suicide,” Orr said. “It shows that we have become independent enough not to rely on social or relationship status for a need of self worth.”

Regardless of one’s romantic status, Valentine’s Day is cause for celebration so do not be afraid to go out and enjoy all of the love in the air.