Our View: Making the basket

The staff editorial is the majority opinion of the editorial board of The Murray State News.

The success of the Racer basketball squad is bringing more attention to our community than usual. There may be plenty of news bits on the history of our school, but that is not the only benefit of having an undefeated team.

Across Murray business owners are talking about increased number in customers and profits. The amount of visiting students is increasing and is bound to increase even more.

Even the atmosphere on campus is changing, with more students wearing the blue and gold instead of apparel for their other favorite big league teams. Gear is becoming harder to find in the Bookstore and students talk excitedly about attending the games. This is not to say students have been lacking in past years, just a notable, positive difference in enthusiasm. The team is doing a great job of not only rallying the University, but the community as well. This season is on its way to making Murray a top destination for prospective students all across the country.

Cartoon by Madeline Bartley

And seeing as the health of both the University and the community is so intertwined, it is the responsibility of every supporter to put their energy behind the winning run of this team.

Randy Dunn, University president, said there are obvious positives to the team’s streak.

“There does seem to be a benefit that comes to many parts of the University, obviously more directly for student recruitment for donor involvement , connecting back to the campus with alumni and somewhat indirectly with things like reputation within the region and things of that nature,” Dunn said.

Across the South we are used to seeing big teams like Duke and Kentucky take the stage. Their support is widespread and very dogmatic. But at the regional schools we have a tendency to be humble about our sports. The few victories we achieve are overshadowed by the conquests of dynasty schools. That is now over.

It is time to claim in every way what is ours, an undefeated season with one of the most underrated programs in the entire country. We have the team, so let’s give them the spirit and support it needs.

“We’re enjoying the challenge of dealing with this,” Dunn said. “I kind of joke to some friends that I feel what it’s like to be UK’s president because I’ve had many calls for tickets, lots of emails, donors who are wanting to come back to campus for a game and it’s been a challenge for us to deal with all of the requests that are coming in.”

The president’s comment about enjoying this new challenge is one we should all embrace as the University enters this brave new world. Let’s all work together in making it worthwhile.