Student Government Association: 1.31.12

Meghann Anderson
Staff writer

The Student Government Association held its weekly meeting Wednesday in the Curris Center.

SGA president Jeremiah Johnson said the executive board and SGA members will attend the Higher Education Rally in Frankfort, Ky., on Feb. 7.

Paula Amols, director of dining services and Racer hospitality, said Winslow will be serving healthier protein besides grilled chicken in the upcoming weeks.

“Nutella is now being served at Winslow and soon to be at Fast Track,” Amols said. “In fact, we ran out of Nutella at Winslow it was being used so fast.”

Another change mentioned was the cereal; Fruity Pebbles will be at Winslow sometime within the next two weeks.

Josh Jacobs, president’s chief of staff, said an update on the library would not arise unless the SGA, Board of Regents or Council of Postsecondary Education makes a move to progress the motion for the new library.

He said currently the CPE would not grant the University the funds for the new library, which is why the idea of using student funds was brought to the table.

“In 2022 the University might have a chance to look at the library,” Jacobs said. “The student body needs to consider this has to be done other than with state funding.”

The meeting closed with election for two new senators