Rand Paul goes to the airport

Joshua Hitz
freshman from
Stauntan, Ill.

Oh, no! An alarm has gone off at the airport, but don’t worry, because all good airport security is rushing for a pat down. We all know this kind of story forward, backward and sideways, but this twist to the tale may make us look at the Transportation Security Administration) in another light, and Rand Paul in the same, only brighter.

On Monday, Jan. 25, Sen. Rand Paul, son to president candidate Ron Paul, was detained from his flight to Washington, D.C., from Nashville, Tenn., after setting off an alarm in the walk through scanners.

The reason behind this, as read from and article in csmonitor.com as well as poltico.com, was due to an “anomaly” in the candidate’s knee, though the TSA is still weary on sharing what exactly set off their scanners. After refusing the pat down, Paul was detained to a small cubicle, thus missing his flight to Washington, D.C., where he states, via Twitter, that he was hoping to speak at the March of Life, a pro life rally against abortion.

This seemed to set off Paul, who during campaigning days, wholeheartedly spoke out against the TSA. “The police state in this country is growing out of control.

“One of the ultimate embodiments of this is the TSA that gropes and grabs our children, our seniors … while doing nothing to keep us safe.”

This is a call back to the incidents some time ago, about the 85-year-old woman being strip searched back in November, as well as the male child back in 2010.”

Now Rand Paul, after this dilemma, feels the need to call for the “abolition of the TSA,” which would be a terrible idea.

Now I agree that the system and actions taken by the members of the TSA have been more than wrong, but the fact of the matter is the men and women of this security force are simply doing their jobs.

Everyone is a suspect, and in a job where you are to expect the unexpected I can understand the pressure the group feels, but I am not blind to their complete lack of simpl use of their mental capabilities.

Now we all remember men like the shoe and underpants bomber. These incidents put some harsh expectations on the TSA and really they are just trying to live up to the responsibility.

Paul is the bad guy here. He feels and has spoken out to striping down the TSA because he feels regular flyers, like government officials, should not be forced to go through the usual scanning and patting down procedures like everyone else. The fact of the matter is he wants special treatment.

No Paul, it doesn’t count if you go through the scanner a second time, just suck it up and let them do their jobs. They didn’t tell the man to strip, merely to let them do the usual procedure any cop would on a street corner.

I’m not trying to persuade anyone to different sides of in politics, or make you look at him in a bad light when Election Day comes. I’m not qualified for that kind of thing, but what I can say is that as a person, this guy has to be pretty arrogant to think he can get special exempts from the law.

He preaches how the TSA was wrong for doing what they did to the woman and child, and they were, but then he goes around saying he deserves better treatment than any normal Joe or Sally, just because he sits in a government building.

I should keep up more on politics in general but from what I found, all I can assume is that election or not, he’s not anyone’s favorite person right now. Nor mine.