Teams prepare for upcoming spring sports

Jonathan Ferris
Staff writer


School has started and that means one thing: Spring intramural sports are almost here.

“We’ve got some good competition for basketball coming up and it’s going to be really fun to start calculating the President’s Cup standings,” Steve Leitch, head of intramurals, said. “Hart has done well in the past, but we’ve got some new guys fighting for the top spot.”

While he remains excited, Leitch has a few concerns about teams and registering since students were focused on exams at the end of the semester rather than registering teams. “We are excited to see how our teams at nationals fare and we’re hoping to send several more teams to nationals in the spring and summer,” Leitch said. “We’re not going to change anything or do much different. We’re going to keep all our policies and rules the same because everything we’ve got is working.”