Channel Surfing: All good things

Charlotte Kyle
Features Editor

Mark Schwahn, the mastermind behind “One Tree Hill,” signs his name with “All good things.” Autographs, blog posts – you name it, that’s how he closes it.

I’ve always liked it. I know some people prefer “all the best,” but realistically “the best” isn’t going to happen. That just puts the expectations too high, whereas “good things” puts the expectations on a completely reachable shelf. A good thing can range from finding a dollar on the street to winning the lottery.

Others enjoy some variation of “many blessings” but I tend to shy away from blessing those who may not wish to be blessed.

“All good things” just makes sense.

After nine years of filming, however, Schwahn and the cast of “One Tree Hill” are finally finishing his thought. It’s not just “all good things” – he left off the “must come to an end.”

I knew “One Tree Hill” was going to end eventually. It was, in its initial conception, a show about high school. I was in high school when it started. I’ve finished high school and will have nearly completed college by the time the finale rolls around in the spring.

The show, of course, developed into something more than high school. It was about friendship, love and wish fulfillment. It was about growing up, and then continuing to grow up even when the world views you as “grown.” It was about finding yourself and being OK with what you found. It turned into an obsession for many, a guilty pleasure for some and a way of life for others.

People may joke as they ask, “Oh, that’s still on the air?” but that’s OK. Jokes and jabs don’t take away from the fact that the show has filmed 187 episodes, a number that most shows could never dream of. It’s a great feeling to have been there every step of the way.

I say this as someone who has gone to Wilmington, toured Karen’s Café, walked along the River Court and sat in the gym watching the Ravens play charity basketball. I was literally there.

It seems fitting that my last semester at The News coincides with the end of filming “One Tree Hill.” After all, I am “Mini-Mark,” a name given to me by an amazing group of friends who understand my passion for writing and creativity.

Through “One Tree Hill” and The News I found friendship, love and wish fulfillment. I discovered who I am and, surprisingly, I’m happy with what I’ve found.

People tease me – “You’re still there?” I am, after all, the last of the Cawein legacy still lurking around Wilson Hall. I’m OK with it because it reminds me of everything I’ve experienced here. For every unpleasant memory I have 23 or so happy ones to remind me just how great I had it.

I like to think I’ve made my mark. Not just the label on the Features Editor chair that distinguishes it as the best chair in the newsroom, but on the paper and staff as whole. I certainly hope people will miss me when I’m not around to help with a Photoshop or Quark problem.

I’ve penned some decent pieces, designed some kick-ass pages and written enough horrible (and awesome) headlines to last a lifetime.

Now I get it. All good things…must come to an end.

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