SGA postpones new library project vote

Meghann Anderson
Staff writer

The leaders of the Student Government Association ended its weekly meeting on Wednesday by telling members they would not be voting on the proposed library student fee.

Betsy Banks, SGA vice president, said the vote would not be discussed again until next spring.

Jeremiah Johnson, president, said the executive council met with administrators and decided to hold off on making a decision.

“I think they made the right move on holding off on the vote,” Johnson said. “I think some things needed to be thought over.”

Johnson said President Randy Dunn’s office has been flooded with questions from SGA members and other students on campus who want to know more about the library.

“I have a feeling it will come up again next spring,” Johnson said. “The Board of Regents meets in February or March and I’m sure it will be discussed then.”

The SGA proposed to require a 25 percent minimum student body referendum last week.

The other two types of voting are a three-quarters vote of SGA members or a simple majority vote via campus-wide referendum, which would include all students at the University, according to the Council on Postsecondary Education’s special use fees exception policy.

Updated poll results from the SGA’s Facebook are 59 people voted “no, the University does not need a new library,” and 11 voted “yes.”

If the Board of Regents passes the student fee, the fee would be added on the Fall 2012 bill. Construction would begin in 2013.

Johnson said due to so many questions being raised, the administration has decided to do more research into the library’s funding and design.

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