SGA, it’s time to vote

The staff editorial is the majority opinion of the editorial board of The Murray State News.

The Student Government Association decided not to vote this week on whether or not to hold a student referendum regarding the president’s plan making students pay for part of his proposed library.

SGA President Jeremiah Johnson said the SGA needs more time to look over the proposed plan to really understand the implications of their decision. This alone should be enough to realize the administration is trying to push this plan on students without reasonable study or dialogue.

Johnson said the vote would come up again next semester. Hopefully this is not a move to procrastinate the vote after a previous the president’s ultimatum at a previous SGA meeting.

The SGA has done a commendable job in dealing with this administration’s efforts to place the heavy burden of the new library on students. We hope they keep up this effort and aren’t pushing back the decision under the umbrella of inevitability.

“I have a feeling it will come up again next spring,” Johnson said. “The Board of Regents meets in February or March and I’m sure it will be discussed then.”

Before this comes to Board of Regents let’s send a unified message saying students do not want to pay for this project. SGA, you are the voice of this campus. Let us be heard.