LGBT center needed

The staff editorial is the majority opinion of the editorial board of The Murray State News.

Recently a petition has started to circulate with the intent of creating an LGBT Center on campus. This being a more conservative region of the state may have some asking why such a center would be needed here. Every semester more than 80 students with Murray State Alliance are educating students around LGBT issues and supporting its diverse membership across the University.

Will Heath, president of Alliance, said membership is not exclusive to a person’s sexuality.

“If you’re gay you don’t have to be in Alliance, just like if you’re a woman you don’t have to use the Women’s Center,” Heath said. “The LGBT Center would just be there if you need it.”

The center would be a place to offer support and coordinate the many events Alliance already holds throughout the year.

Cartoon by Madeline Bartley

Alliance adviser Jody Cofer said it’s time for the University to create a space that is already being created by students.

“Let’s catch up in our infrastructure with what we’re already providing,” Cofer said.

This being the case, there is no reason the University should delay this effort. The path leading to this center is well tread. So many students on this campus have sacrificed their time, grades and reputation to support the LGBT cause.

This space would be a permanent home for students to take advantage of and give those students more time to focus on academics. The time and energy invested by Alliance members is more than enough evidence to consider the placing of this center. Now it is up to the University to take that step in making it happen.