High winds cause localized damage

Austin Ramsey/The News

Austin Ramsey
News Editor

A sign at Quarter’s Campus Grill on N. 15th Street fell at around noon Monday due to high winds bringing a cold front into the region.

Owners at the restaurant across the street from the south side of campus called authorities because the sign was hanging on an unclasped metal bar just above the main entrance, creating a hazard for passersby and potentially causing further damage to the building’s facade.

A fire truck responded minutes later, and three firefighters portioned off the sidewalk in front Quarter’s with orange cones and directed traffic around the truck.

Capt. Matthew Tinsley said the exact cause of the sign falling was unknown but that stress from the bar appeared to be due to high winds.

Firefighters attached a metal cable to a hook on the building’s brick upper deck above the restaurant to prevent the sign from falling before the owner could fix it

The sign hung from a metal bar and support cable directly in the line of winds driving north.

Winds are expected to persist through the afternoon, due to a frontal boundary interacting with abundant low-pressure moisture that is expected to become stationary over the quad-state region, according to the National Weather Service in Paducah, Ky.

The NWS Storm Prediction Center is considering placing a weather watch on the region due to the conflicting fronts.

Predictions include gusty winds, hail and a possible isolated tornado this evening..

Recorded winds have exceeded 30 mph, with isolated gusts topping off around 45 mph.

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