SGA, take your time

The staff editorial is the majority opinion of the editorial board of The Murray State News.

The Student Government Association made the sound decision to table its vote on holding a student-wide referendum regarding the president’s new library plan. The administration is fighting the SGA plan to require a 25 percent vote before students could take on the new fee.

This is the type of leadership students need. The University is trying to rush this plan through without any proper dialogue with the student body.

Josh Jacobs, chief of staff, claims students have had their voice heard by allowing students on the New Library Task Force organized by the president.

“Students have been involved in this since day one,” Jacobs said. “The library task force has four or five students out of the 15 people total.”

To think only a handful of students would be able to decide for this entire campus is flawed. And were those students aware of the University’s plan to put the library’s financial burden on their peers? The evidence does not point that way.

Madeline Bartley

The University’s absurd claim the fee is a way of helping students keep tuition down is an insult to us all.

“Limiting the tuition increase is the goal,” Jacobs said. “The goal is to keep tuition increase and the library fee the same as just the tuition increase.”

So the options are either pay the way we want you to, or pay the way we wish you did not have to. The SGA would do well to think over this proposal this coming week and remember the students they were elected to represent.