Letter to the Editor: 11.11.11

Lynsey Sheets
Marketing Manager
Dining Services

(This letter is a response to the staff opinion titled “At the head of the table” in the Oct. 28 edition of The Murray State News.)

In the Oct. 28 issue of The Murray State News, the staff editorial board expressed concerns related to the organization and management of Dining Services on campus. The staff is correct in noting that the resignation of Richard Fritz has affected Dining Services.

Fritz was a forward-thinking leader with many bright ideas who made a positive impact during his time at Murray State. It is important to remember, however, without the team of talented individuals who worked with Fritz, his goals and plans for Dining Services could not have been achieved. The Murray State News recognized some of the work of Dining Services, including its sustainability efforts. I’d like to point out some other ways in which Dining Services continues to move forward thanks to its staff.

First, in response to last fall’s Customer Satisfaction Survey completed by students, Dining Services has increased nutritious food options and the visibility of these options on campus, including posting weekly nutrition charts for Winslow both on-site and on our website. We are currently in the process of building nutrition charts for T-Room menus.

This semester, we also launched a nutrition blog written by a student nutrition employee to assist our campus in making healthier choices. The blog is located at thepaintedplate.wordpress.com.

Additionally, plans are in order for a renovation of serving areas in Winslow Dining Hall and the T’Room which will add variety to your dining experience and create a more welcoming, organized atmosphere for diners. Also, our Facebook page, Twitter feed, website and calendar are regularly updated to inform students of weekly menus and numerous upcoming promotions and events in dining venues.

With that being said, customer satisfaction is our top priority, and we value your input on our efforts. The best way to make your voice heard is by attending a Food Committee meeting held in Hart Cafe at 5 p.m. every Tuesday. You can also submit an online comment card at our website, which will be reviewed and responded to within a week. Or, contact any of our managers or supervisors directly for questions or comments related to a specific dining venue.

While Dining Services staff may not always be visible, many of our employees are bakers, cooks and chefs who work behind the scenes to produce hundreds or thousands of meals a day. These individuals take pride in their work and continue to serve our campus with great commitment under the capable supervision of their head chefs, managers and directors.

Take a moment to review the lead staff list for Dining Services; they have served Murray State students for many years and are more than willing to address any dining needs you may have: Terri Benton, associate director of Dining Services; Tim Bruce, department chef manager at Winslow; Shanna Smith, catering manager; Amy Crump, supervisor of Business Express, Starbooks, Thoroughbrewed Cafes, and Dunker’s Deli and coordinator of the Student Manager Program; Denise Windsor, administrative specialist in the Dining Services Office; and Beverly Noland, Racercard services.