Letter to the Editor: 11.11.11

Brent Arnold
staff member  
facilities management

I am a Murray State employee, and have a valid parking permit. A little less than a month ago I was issued a parking ticket for not displaying my permit, and parking in a blue zone without permit. Well, I am an employee and have a permit so I was parked in the correct zone.

My ticket was for $30. Fifteen for each; the no permit and the parking in a blue zone. Since I was parked in the correct zone I believed I could appeal the ticket down to just $15; the no permit fine. So I went to the Parking Office to appeal, and was turned away by a student worker saying I had to appeal using myGate.

I went to myGate, where it took me a few minutes to locate the link I was supposed to use, and filed my appeal using my limited character allotment to explain what happened and why I was appealing the ticket. A month later I received an impersonal email from the Murray State Judicial Board stating that my appeal was denied.

I feel the process of appealing parking tickets now is very impersonal. I feel that if I had spoken to someone during the actual appeal process a compromise could have been reached that benefited both parties sooner than a month’s time. Murray State would still get money for the ticket, but my bank account wouldn’t be hurting as much.

In the email I received, it provided me a phone number for the parking office if I had any questions. I went directly to the Parking Office a month ago to discuss the appeal, but was brushed off and sent to myGate. What good is calling them going to do if they didn’t help me when I went to their office directly a month ago?

I hope this review of your appeals process helps you review future appeals differently, as well as improve customer service.