Intramurals: Alpha Sigma Phi vs. Sigma Phi Epsilon

Johnathan Ferris
Staff writer

Nate Brelsford/The News

Since the beginning of the season, both teams said they were looking to this game. The Sigma Phi Epsilon vs. Alpha Sigma Phi game is traditionally one of the biggest games every year.

The largest crowd of the season gathered at the intramural fields Monday night to watch the newest chapter in this rivalry unfold. With both teams undefeated, this matchup would likely determine the No. 1 seed for the fraternity league heading into playoffs. Painted chests and air horns set the atmosphere as the two teams prepared for a battle.

Relying on their strong quarterback play, Sig Ep looked to pass the ball early, throwing several short passes up the middle. Alpha Sigma Phi’s defense was stout, however, and never let Sig Ep within 15 yards of their end zone.

Sig Ep played sound defense as well, limiting Alpha Sigma Phi to small gains. Both teams were evenly matched until late in the first half. Just before the break, the Alpha Sigma Phi quarterback launched a deep bomb. To the roar of a massive crowd, an acrobatic catch gave the boys in black a 7-0 lead.

As the second half began, both crowds roared. Alpha Sigma Phi looked to keep its lead as the team continued to bring the heat defensively, pressuring Sig Ep quarterback Trey Jurgens nearly every play and batting down several passes.

The pass rush finally resulted in an interception by sophomore Clay Hill, which would set up another Alpha Sigma Phi score. A short toss over the middle and Alpha Sigma Phi commanded a 13-0 lead over its rival.

Desperate to generate some sort of offense, Sig Ep continued to sling the passes. The Alpha Sigma Phi pass rush continued to dominate and forced another Hill interception late in the second half which sealed the deal for Alpha Sigma Phi.

The Sig Ep boys in red simply couldn’t get around the pass rush and Sigma Phi had a shutout.

“I knew it was going to be a game of big plays,” Jurgens, captain for Sig Ep, said. “We weren’t able to make the plays and they were.”

Although it was a tough loss for his team, Jurgens said he saw the bright spots in a game of that magnitude.

“It was a great game and a great atmosphere,” Jurgens said. “Those games are great for Greek life at Murray State.”

Alpha Sigma Phi’s defense earned them an important 13-0 win over Sigma Phi Epsilon. As the final seconds wound down, Alpha Sigma Phi’s fans stormed the field and the players celebrated their most important win of the season.

The team now moves to 5-0 on the season and takes sole possession of first place. Sigma Phi Epsilon falls to second place in the fraternity division at 4-1.

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