Calloway County absentee ballots counted

Austin Ramsey
News Editor

Calloway County unoffical absentee walk-in and mail-in ballots have been counted. The results are listed below:


•Gov. Steve Beshear/ Lt. Gov. Jerry Abramson (D) – 135 votes

•Sen. David Williams/Richie Farmer (R)  – 93 votes

Secretary of State

•Bill Johnson (R) – 104 votes

•Allison Grimes (D) – 131 votes

Attorney General

•Jack Connway (D) -125 votes

•Todd P’Pool (R) – 115 votes

State Auditor

•Adam Edelen (D) – 123 votes

•John T. Kemper III (R) – 108 votes

State Treasurer 

•Todd Hollenbach (D) -124 votes

•K. C. Crosbie (R) – 103 votes

Commissioner of Agriculture

•James Comer (R) – 131 votes

•Bob Farmer (D) – 106

County Surveyor

•Write-ins – 12

Second Magisterial District Constable

•Write-ins – 4

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