Centershots: AA = Attractive Athletes

Sophie McDonald
Sports Editor

Sports are full of attractive people. I don’t just mean nice to look at, I mean their personalities, passions and entire entity exude a charisma that makes one want to know them more.

Below are my top three attractive athletes based on their personalities (as much as you can see of their real personalities on ESPN and through books and game interviews), but they aren’t hard on the eyes either.

Photo courtesy of Sophie McDonald

No. 3 Apolo Ohno

The Olympic speed skater is one of my favorites for multiple reasons, primarily because of his heart and determination in the sport and his enthusiasm, passion and desire to make a difference in the lives of others.

The eight-time Olympic medalist is the real deal. When I was competing in the Junior Olympics for rifle at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, I had the privilege to meet him and have breakfast with him a few times. He exudes humility and quiet confidence and doesn’t take himself too seriously. He laughs a lot, loves his dad, wrote a book and won “Dancing with the Stars.” That’s awesome.

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No. 2 Michael Jordan

I grew up watching No. 23 in a red Chicago Bulls uniform and was practically in love with him at 8 years old. He was my inspiration to start playing basketball and for my ninth birthday I was given a Michael Jordan basketball, which I never played with so it wouldn’t get dirty, and sprayed it with Michael Jordan cologne (the best smell of the ‘90s).

MJ was my first hero outside of my dad and I loved the way he played the game he loved so much. With six NBA Championship rings and six Finals MVP awards, Jordan revolutionized basketball, slam dunks and movies. What up, “Space Jam”? I cried when he retired. Both times.

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No. 1 Tim Tebow

I’m probably going to marry Tim Tebow. OK, probably not, but the Broncos’ quarterback and I do share a lot of things. We were homeschooled and are both fiercely competitive, love God (the most attractive thing to me) and missions (he and his family do mission work in the Philippines) and are perfectionists. Not only do we share those things in common, but the 6-foot 3-inch, 24-year-old lives in Colorado which happens to be my favorite state. Do you hear that? It’s the stars aligning.

I’m completely kidding (I have to say that so I don’t sound like a stalker), but the University of Florida graduate is making a comeback and no one can say he’s not passionate, whether it’s about football, the Lord or his family, and he’s starting a phenomena called “Tebowing,” look it up and get a laugh. He’s my favorite.

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