Channel Surfing: ‘The Buried Life’

Charlotte Kyle
Features Editor

Confession: I had not seen “The Buried Life” before attending Tuesday’s lecture in the Curris Center Ballroom.

As a television fan I was familiar with the show and its concept, in which a group of young guys travel around the country, checking items off their list of things they want to do before they die.

I was attracted to it for the same reason I was attracted to ABC Family’s “The Brendon Leonard Show” back in high school – I love watching shows about normal people, especially those made by people close to my age.

It is, honestly, one of the only types of show in the reality genre that I’ll actually tune in to.

My lack of cable and my aversion to MTV, however, prevented me from checking out the series previously. I was intrigued by the idea, though, and I knew I couldn’t miss the opportunity to hear them speak.

I don’t have a list of things I want to do before I die. In fact, if I had to make the list right now I legitimately don’t know what I would put on it.

I’ve heard of people making similar lists, the most relevant featuring things to do at Murray State before graduation.

Graduation and death are pretty similar, right? Graduation is just the death of school, and I’ve cheated death for too long to avoid it any longer.

While I don’t have a paper list of things I still need to do while here, I have a general idea. I’ve been working in the Features section of The News since I was a freshman. It is literally the one constant I have had throughout my time here.

As often as I have covered exciting events or written about interesting students, I have never done anything particularly exciting or interesting.

Maybe now is the time to change that. Maybe now is the time to figure out what else I’m good at and attempt to leave my mark on Murray State.

(I don’t mean a physical mark, though I may have left red hair dye stains somewhere on campus. I’ll never tell.)

It was inspiring to hear Jonnie and Dave tell their story of how and why they started The Buried Life project (see page 5)and to watch the people they have helped. It makes you think that maybe, just maybe, anyone can do anything.

This week I?also had the pleasure of sitting down with student Aaron Krueger (see page 8). Krueger is a multi-talented wizard: he acts, sings, writes and manages to be one the most friendly, kind-hearted individuals I’ve ever had the pleasure of interviewing.

During his freshman year he started writing a musical. Now, toward the end of his senior year, he’s showing the world what he’s accomplished. He’s making his mark on Murray State before he goes off and makes his mark on the world.

He can check “write a musical” off his list of things he wants to do before he dies. I’m lucky I’ve been able to check off “see a musical”?from mine.

“The Buried Life”?is now available on Netflix. I’ve added the show to my instant queue and I?highly recommend you do the same. Then, after you’ve watched the show, make your own list. (Or, if you want to cheat the system, make your list and put “watch ‘The Buried Life’” on it.)

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