Faculty Senate: 11.1.11

Chris Wilcox
Staff writer

The Faculty Senate met at 3:30, Tuesday in the Barkley Room of the Curris Center, to discuss the Faculty Senate’s issues, concerns and objectives.

The president of the Faculty Senate Margaret Pittman-Munk facilitated the meeting, along with the vice president Johan Koren. The Faculty Senate is composed of the president of the senate, the vice president and a representative from every scholastic department.

The main objective of the Faculty Senate meeting on Tuesday was to discuss possible changes to the EEO Appeal Process as set forth by the University for Faculty.

The appeals process is under review with the rationale that the changes being proposed will make the appeals process fair for the faculty.

The Faculty Senate also discussed a possible change to tuition wavers for children claimed by faculty. The changes that might be made are due to changing times, the forms weren’t written to reflect 21st century families.

The proposed library was mentioned and the consensus was the Faculty Senate would wait until approached by the Student Government Association, to decide whether or not to support.

The meeting ended once the different committees made clear there were no more issues to discuss at the time. The next Faculty Senate meeting will be held Dec. 6.

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