Gubernatorial candidate makes last-minute local campaign stop

Sen. David Williams stops in Murray on his state-wide tour to address local Republicans. As of Oct. 17, Williams was behind in the polls by 28 points. Allie Douglas || The News

Chris Wilcox
Staff writer

Senate President David Williams, Republican gubernatorial candidate, came to Murray Tuesday, as a part of his “A Real Plan for Real Jobs” bus tour.

Sen. Ken Winters, John Kemper III, candidate for state auditor, Bill Johnson, candidate for secretary of state, and Williams’ running mate Richie Farmer, all joined Williams on his state-wide tour.

Before Williams’ address to local Republicans, Winters introduced Williams as Kentucky’s next governor.

Despite Winter’s introduction, recent polls between Williams and Gov. Steve Beshear, the top two candidates, show a significant difference.

Polls taken from Oct. 17-19 by state Beshear maintains a 28-point lead over Williams.

Kate Watson, senior from Henderson, Ky., and president of the Murray State College Republicans, said Williams’ stops on his tour suggests that his campaign is still strong.

“I think Sen. Williams has shown great interest and support on his tour,” she said.

During the speech Williams said his primary objectives were to improve economy and create jobs, cut the size and cost of the government and protect conservative family values.

“Obamacare is unconstitutional,” Williams said. “We also want to fight abortions and fight for coal.”

Watson said Williams’ Jobs and Economy Plan is supported by Republicans across the state and is held in high regards by the conservative members of the community.

Watson said she sees change in the overall Democratic state, and hopes citizens begin to change their votes.

“I think Kentucky as a whole is traditionally Democratic but that’s changing and our conservative voters are beginning to vote Republican,” she said.

Watson said she believes if Beshear wins, the state would see no economic relief.

“He will definitely say he has balanced the budget for the tenth time, when in reality, we will be further in debt,” she said.

Farmer said Kentucky is No. 35 on the list of business-friendly states and that is directly related to how Beshear is running the state.

“Unemployment has almost doubled since Beshear’s administration,” Farmer said. “By creating jobs here we can improve the economy.”

“His administration is a failure and it’s being covered up,” Williams said.

Williams said his plan could change Kentucky to make it the best place to create and sustain jobs.

Williams said Tennessee is the place to live due to their tax codes.

“Tennessee doesn’t tax property and we do, I want to change that,” Williams said.

Williams concluded the meeting saying Beshear was clearly the wrong choice for governor as proven by his actions.

Said Williams:?“We are in a terrible financial situation that Beshear has created and I want to change that.”

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