Former Racer hits silver screen

Dylan Stinson
Assistant Sports Editor


Former Racer football kicker Paul Hickert is best known for his record setting 62-yard field goal, but he’s chosen a career path quite different than what he had imagined during his days at Murray. Hickert, now an actor, will be making appearances on the big screen and television. Hickert will make his big screen appearance in motion picture “Tower Heist” (Nov. 4) starring Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy.

“‘Tower Heist’ is a fun film, it has a huge cast of characters like Ben Stiller, Eddie Murphy, Matthew Broderick, Alan Alda and Tea Leoni,” Hickert said as reported on “I have a small role, I play a part in a group of FBI agents. I only have five lines, but we spent about a week doing the scenes. This film has a large budget and when that kind of money is going into a project, it’s going to get attention.”

Hickert held the record for most field goals for the Racers’ with 49 until current Racers kicker Kienan Cullen broke his record against Eastern Illinois. Additionally, Hickert was an honor student who graduated with a degree in physics.

Despite being an exceptional football player and an honor student, Hickert chose to pursue a career in acting after being offered opportunities through being a print model.

Hickert credits his time at Murray as one of the most life changing experiences of his life

“Murray was magical for me and the place changed my life,” he said. “Coach Beamer, assistant coaches, teammates, the town and university, it all was great for me. Murray was great training ground for me. It’s such a great place to develop and I don’t think I could’ve accomplished what I have in my career from any other place.”

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