Citizens’ guide to the Murray ballot

Chris Wilcox
Staff writer

The Calloway County General Election is Nov. 8.

Below are listed the offices being voted upon and those who are running for them.


Secretary of State:

•Bill Johnson, Republican, wants to expand civic education programs, preserve the integrity of the election process and remove governmental obstacles blocking the creation of jobs. (

•Alison Grimes, Democrat, wants to create jobs, generate interest in elections, promote and preserve voting rights and help small businesses and non-profits. (


Attorney General:

•Todd P’Pool, Republican, wants to fight the Obama healthcare plan, fight for coal, get tough on drugs and fight corruption. *(

•Jack Conway, incumbent Democrat, wants to fight Internet crime, protect families, crack down on drugs, help students and fight mortgage and Medicaid fraud. (


Auditor of Public Accounts:

•John Kemper III, Republican, wants to keep the coal industry running, defend the unborn, protect traditional marriage, cut government spending, fight government operated healthcare systems and create jobs. (johntkemper.


•Adam Edelen, Democrat, wants to fight corrupt public officials, create citizen auditors, run government practices more efficiently and effectively and provide government transparency. (


State Treasurer:

•K.C. Crosbie, Republican, wants to keep spending low, and believes Kentuckians should expect more of their Treasurer.

•L.J. Hollenbach, incumbent Democrat, wants to invest the state’s money more wisely, protect teacher retirements and save taxpayer money. (


Commissioner of Agriculture:

•Kenneth Moellman Jr., Libertarian, wants to bring operations of the office up to date, streamline repetitive activities and develop and present a transition plan to eliminate the office of treasurer. (


•James Comer, Republican, wants to protect the unborn, provide government transparency, oppose government run healthcare and government bailouts, enhance rural economic developments and preserve Kentucky’s agriculture. (


•Robert Farmer, Democrat, wants to provide agri-economic development, to continue Kentucky Proud, further agriculture education and promote green organizations. (


Local candidates for both county surveyor and second magisterial district constable are write-in.

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