At the head of the table

The staff editorial is the majority opinion of the editorial board of The Murray State News.

Napoleon said an army marches on its stomach. That saying is true not just for French dictators but the rest of society as well. There are plenty of other food sayings out there but we’re sure you get the general gist.

Here on campus the same truth can be applied to students. Campus is only as healthy as the food in the cafeterias most especially the food new students are eating. Being on campus and establishing oneself in a college career takes a lot of energy and stress. This can be mended by a healthy and hearty diet.

There is no question Dining Services does its best to serve the University a good quality meal. There are always diverse options and the waiting time is never more than a couple of minutes. The commitment to a more sustainable Dining Services is commendable considering the practices of many other schools. Food is composted at Pullen Farm and the no-tray program and bio-degradable to-go boxes put this University a step ahead.

This semester there have been a few issues regarding Dining Service organization. When former head Richard Fritz left over the summer the University started looking for a replacement and appointed Don Robertson, vice president of student affairs, as its interim head. This may have worked for a short while, but it is past time to see a new head of Dining Services. Even the wait till January to find a new director is starting show on the ground in our dining facilities.

An operation that large with so much responsibility to the well being of this campus should not be the second job of another very important University adminstrator. The University has in the past left many posts open under the auspices of not finding willing or suitable candidates.

It seems as though the Dining Services army is being run by too many lieutenants and no general. With no clear chain of command the student managers are being left to fend for themselves, which can only lead to a decline in the quality of service. This is not the fault of one person by any means. The decision to find a new head of Dining Services should have become a priority once it became apparent the former head would not be returning this fall. There is too much at stake for the University’s image when it comes to organization on campus.

We need a new director and we need him or her yesterday. The faster this position is filled the faster campus can return to normal both in and out of the kitchen.