University implements signage campaign

Meghann Anderson
Staff writer

Driving down 16 St. will look a bit different than it has in the past.

Now hanging are banners highlighting different Murray State faculty members for some of their achievements.

The banners were installed the week of Oct. 3 and were issued by the communications department, said Mike Dunnavent, director for building and equipment maintenance.

“President Randy Dunn wanted to highlight the faculty in a more public way rather than just at the annual faculty banquet,” said chief of staff, Josh Jacobs.

Highlighted on some of the banners are teachers who received the different awards.

The professors highlighted on the banners received one of the following awards at the faculty recognition banquet held in earlier this spring, distinguished professor, distinguished researcher, emerging scholar, distinguished mentor or the Regent’s award for excellence in teaching.

There were seven Regent’s award recipients, one from each college.

The awards show expansion in community in research and the emphasis Murray State puts on teaching.

Jacobs said they sought current photos of the professors over the summer, prior to everyone arriving back at school.

“Some of the staff were traveling so we held if off until we could get pictures for them all,” said Jacobs.

Due to the delay, the hanging of the banners moved from over the summer to the earlier this month.

“We always try to do something different,” said Jacobs. “This is definitely something I would thing l would like to continue.”

Jacobs said he planned to add more banners with the coming year.

“As we develop our marketing plan, it will best show us where to place them,” Jacobs said.

The quad, downtown Murray and Main St. are some of the prospective places for future banners Jacobs said.

“It took less than a day to put all of the banners up,” said Dunnavent. “Our workers had already put up many other banners for the residential colleges and things like that around campus.”

Dunnavent said the banners are hung by two metal brackets off a metal pole.

“I’m excited,” Jacobs said. “Feedback is always good to celebrate. We are always striving for excellence and achievement.”

Jacobs said the banners are a way to demonstrate pride within the campus and the community.

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