Letter to the Editor: 10.21.11

Asia Burnett
graduate student
from Fulton, Ky.

(This letter is a response to the staff opinion in the Oct. 14 edition of The Murray State News)

I’m a little confused here. You published this opinion piece obviously to justify your jeer of Take Back the Night, saying that journalists do not write this section. And yet, while articles and letters written by other students and faculty bare the names of those who submitted their opinions, names are conspicuously absent from the Cheers and Jeers section, leaving readers to believe that, like Our View, Cheers and Jeers is the majority opinion of the editorial board of The Murray State News. I may be wrong on that, but this misconception is the very reason people are so upset with your organization. Anonymous jeers are the fodder of forums like Topix.

Are you honestly telling us that any opinion on any topic sent to your publication will make that week’s issue? Racism, sexism, homophobia and profanities are all welcome and readers should learn that the world is “full of ideas” that we disagree with? After all, this is the opinion of the public, and I’d hate to see your organization stoop to censoring any opinion within this holy section.