Letter to the Editor: 10.21.11

Mike Dillon
staff member from
Benton, Ky.

(This letter is a response to the commentary “The power of reason” in the Oct. 14 edition of The Murray State News)

I pray. I pray everyday. I pray without ceasing and I am unafraid to say that publicly. My faith in God and Jesus Christ is the foundation of my life. I don’t believe that I have ever hurt or oppressed anyone with my prayers and I don’t believe that anyone has ever hurt me with their own beliefs in prayer.
What I don’t understand is why Mr. William Zingrone is so threatened by prayer. If he believes prayer is so ineffective, such a ridiculous waste of time, why would he spend his time composing such a sarcastic, bitter letter about it? Many people don’t have belief in the effectiveness of psychology but, don’t think Mr. Zingrone would like his life’s work to be disparaged in a similar fashion. People of all faiths find comfort and strenth in prayer and this freedom is one of the things our country is founded upon.
Many people in America have public demonstrations of what they believe in politically, culturally and spiritually and we all have the right to do so.
But Mr. Zingrone seems incensed by the very thought of prayer. I wonder if he is equally offended by other expressions of belief? It is very easy to make fun of a faith you don’t share or understand but it doesn’t help anything. People of faith are easy targets because it seems to be the last acceptable prejudice. A similar attack on any other form of expression would raise a huge public outcry. Thankfully in America we still have the right to pray publicly and privately and Mr. Zingrone I will pray for you.