Letters to the Editor: 10.14.11

Zachary Siegel
senior from
St. Louis, Mo.

(This letter is a response to the Cheers and Jeers section in the Oct. 7 edition of The Murray State News)

In the light of the recent jeer against Take Back the Night I have a few suggestions for future jeers:

Jeers to 9/11 memorials and vigils outside of New York City.  I mean seriously, the two towers didn’t fall in Kansas, Michigan, California or Kentucky, so knock it off.

Jeers to memorials to Steve Jobs at Apple Stores.  He didn’t die outside that store, so why is your memorial there?

Jeers to fireworks on the Fourth of July. Philadelphia should be the only place where we have Independence Day celebrations, after all, that is where the declaration was signed.

Now to be serious,  you might as well have said the above statements by allowing the jeer about Take Back the Night to be published. Your editor should probably put a little more thought into the Cheers and Jeers section to prevent the paper from looking like a bunch of uneducated kids (I know you are all quite bright, but you do a very good job of hiding it sometimes).