Lower temperatures create fashion trend changes

Allyson Putman
Staff writer

Lindsey Summers, junior from Corydon, Ind., said she loves vintage clothing for the fall season.

Jesse Carruthers/The News

The crispness in the air, vibrant leaves decorating the Quad … and more cardigans than you can count. It’s time for fall fashion at Murray State.

Cardigans have been a staple piece of fall fashion for several years. Carolyn Elleman, junior from Glasgow, Ky., said a cardigan is her essential item this season because of its versatility.

“Whether they be light or heavy, cardigans go with everything,” she said.

Of course, fashion this season is about more than a simple cardigan. It’s about taking something as simple as a cardigan, and making it pop. That’s why accessories, for both men and women, are crucial to landing that perfect look.

When most people think of accessories, their minds automatically stop on jewelry. However, fall accessories include more than a mere bracelet. The idea is to accent something down-to-earth with vibrant fall colors and patterns.

For most students, a scarf will do just that. Brian Kinnaman, senior from Hazelwood, Mo., said he uses scarves to take his look to the next level.

“I think scarves can be a very simple way to class up a normal outfit,” he said. “Take it from a casual look to a more dressy look instantly.”

These items are available in several colors, as this season many shades are incorporated into different styles. There are the traditional fall hues we all know and love – red, gold, orange, brown – but there are also new colors this season.

According to reports from fashion week at refinery29.com, the new colors include plum, sapphire and fuchsia.

Meng Ma, junior international student from Beijing, China, said she enjoys wearing the colors of fall.

While fall fashion provides the opportunity for people to add a little sparkle to their wardrobes; for some, it gives the chance to break out those comfy sweats.

Ma said she has noticed many people dressing extremely casual unless they are giving a presentation or attending a formal, which is quite different from Chinese fashion.

Ma has been studying in the U.S. for two years. She said the differences in fall fashion between Chinese girls

Jesse Carruthers/The News

and American girls have had an effect on her.

“I have found that I have changed a little bit since I came to America,” she said. “I dress much more casually now than I did in China.”

Determining what is “fashionable” can be a difficult concept to grasp because of the ever-changing ideas behind it. For instance, if time were wound back 20 years, outfits featured chunky horizontal stripes, large hooded trench coats and many other items that belong in 1991.

However, in fashion, trends never stay gone forever. With the retro vibe making a comeback this season, students are getting a taste of ‘60s, ‘70s and ‘80s style.

Lindsey Summers, junior from Corydon, Ind., said she has many retro favorites, such as her vintage hats and pea coat.

“I love the ‘60s retro chic items,” she said.

Summers said she frequents consignment shops and estate sales to find unique clothing items.

Different styles are what make the fashion world unique, and regardless of what your personal preference is, this fall’s line up has something for you. So, grab your cardigans and scarves and enjoy the new season.

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