Channel Surfing: Renewals and cancellations

Charlotte Kyle
Features Editor

I hope everyone had a wonderful Fall Break. I spent my break eating soup, taking cold medicine and watching a lot of television. Minus the cold medicine I’d say it was fairly successful.

Not only did I catch up on all of the new episodes of shows I’m watching but I also did a “Party Down” marathon. Consider this your recommendation: if you haven’t seen the 20-episode comedy series you need to schedule some time to check it out.

Adam Scott (the adorable Ben Wyatt on “Parks and Recreation”) is hilarious as former actor Henry Pollard while my girl-crush on Lizzy Caplan (Janice Ian, “Mean Girls”) grew with each episode.

The show, sadly, was canceled after two seasons.

When I watch shows I know have been canceled I get kind of sad. It’s hard to watch good TV and know you won’t see any more of it.

Maybe that’s why the news of more “Arrested Development” is so exciting. The show was fantastic and, even though it’s been a long time since FOX axed the series, I look forward to whatever they’re going to do.

On the other end of the TV spectrum that’s probably why, upon finding out NBC’s “Whitney” was picked up for a full season, I got kind of sad. A full season? Really? (Whitney Cummings’ other series, CBS’ “2 Broke Girls,” also got picked up for a full season.)

The ratings were good for the first few episodes thanks to the prime slot after “The Office,” but the show is not funny. On top of the lack of quality, Cummings had the nerve to say she developed the show because there were no smart, funny women on TV.

Apparently Cummings doesn’t know about Leslie Knope and Liz Lemon.

That is OK, though. The full season order of “Whitney” does not affect the shows I know and love. I’m just surprised it got picked up this early.

I’m not surprised, however, that “New Girl” was the first series picked up for a full season. The show is not perfect, but it’s fun and quirky, even if it’s trying a little too hard to be that way.

It’ll calm down and find itself soon, and anything that brings Zooey Deschanel to my TV on a weekly basis is good in my book.

(On a side note, watching the first few episodes of the series subconsciously inspired me to get bangs. I know last week I watched the episode and said, “Wow, bangs look really cute on her but that is not a good decision for me.” Then I left the salon with bangs. I don’t know how this happened.)

The best part of the series, besides the Deschanel factor? My favorite TV composer, Ludwig Göransson, does the music for the upbeat series.

Göransson composes for three series this season: “New Girl,” “Happy Endings” and “Community.” This means Tuesday through Thursday I get to listen to his music. You can’t beat that.

The only cancellation (as of press time) was NBC’s “The Playboy Club.” It was on my list to watch but I never quite got around to it.

I’m probably not going to bother now. If it was bad then I?didn’t waste my time. If it was good I?won’t have to be sad.

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