Alumna to showcase music at Thoroughbrewed Cafe

Paige Graves
Staff writer

Photo courtesy of Heather Bond

When Heather Bond graduated from Murray State in May 2007, she knew she wanted to move to Nashville to pursue her music career. Since then, Bond has made a name for herself and will return to her alma mater on Thursday for a performance in Thoroughbrewed Cafe, located in Hart Residential College.

“I moved to Nashville to pursue my music career the fall after I graduated from Murray,” Bond said. “I didn’t know anyone, didn’t really have any expectations. I just knew I wanted to make music for the rest of my life and my move to Nashville was just the beginning.”

Although music is now her career, Bond did not earn a degree in music while she was in Murray.

“I didn’t major in music because the thought of being graded on something so sacred turned me off, so I chose organizational communication – which I loved,” she said. “Of course I needed my music ‘fix’ so I joined concert choir, chamber singers, participated in things like All-Campus Sing with Hester College and Campus Lights. I did most of my songwriting in my dorm room with my guitar, or in the practice rooms in the Old Fine Arts building on the piano.”

After Bond moved to Nashville, she found her first apartment and bought her first keyboard. To get the musical ball rolling, she spent her time writing songs, going to and playing shows and meeting people.

“I eventually met a producer that I wanted to work with, and recorded my first EP, ‘Walk Alone,’” Bond said.

The ‘Walk Alone’ EP released on iTunes Nov. 3, 2009.

“Shortly after my EP was released, a company in Nashville heard it and asked me to sing a demo for a German commercial. After hearing the demo, the German company wanted a full song, as well as a music video. I was flown to Berlin to star in the music video.”

As the commercial aired in Germany, Bond formed her initial band, “Heather Bond and The Warbirds.” The band recorded a single, “You’re Not Christmas For Me,” that was released on Dec. 7, 2010. They played shows in Nashville, as well as Bond’s hometown of Louisville.

In the spring of 2011, Bond went on tour and developed the “Heather Bond Trio,” which consists of a cello, piano and trejon. Bond recalled the tour as an amazing one, playing in cities including Murray, Chicago, Cincinnati and Bowling Green.

When Bond was attending Murray State, she focused on songwriting, knowing it was important to move to Nashville with a large collection of material. She said without the songs, there would not have been progress to her current state.

“Right now I am still living in Nashville,” she said. “This fall marks my fourth year, which is hard to believe. October is going to be an awesome month for the Heather Bond Trio. We are going to the studio soon to re-record ‘Walk Alone,’ which is the single from my EP. After the track is finished, we are making a music video for ‘Walk Alone.’ We are also playing shows in Murray, Chattanooga and Nashville, so it will be an exciting, busy month. In my free time, I write songs. If I’m not writing, I am not growing.”

Bond’s hope is to complete the “Walk Alone” music video so she can devote her time to recording a full-length album.

“Lately I have been ‘shopping’ for a producer, researching different studios and other things that are crucial before starting the process of actually recording,” Bond said. “When the record is complete – and we’re talking way future here – I will tour nonstop. Murray will of course be one of our tour dates.”

Bond said she loves staying connected with her friends and fans, and she can be found on Facebook, Youtube and Twitter. Her Thoroughbrewed Cafe performance begins at 8:30 p.m. Thursday and is free to the public.

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