Top #Racer tweets 9.28.11

  1. @b_cox9 Brian Cox
    When elementary students write essays on who their heroes are, #randydunn is the number one response #racers
  2. @dirvine31 DJ Irvine
    The titanic didn’t hit an iceberg, it ran into #randydunn while he was swimming across the Atlantic #Racers
  3. @b_cox9 Brian Cox
    Michael Jordans went to play baseball because he heard rumor that #randydunn was coming to the NBA #racers
  4. @RacerDave23 Dave Winder
    Enjoying college football & got an eye toward MBB. Working on media guide. Always grinding. #Racers
  5. @MikeHarris34 Mike Harris
    S/O to the #Racers Rifle team,, I wana join sooo bad
  6. @SlickNick11 Nick Alexander
    Even tho we was down by 22, me @83Jimbob @soccersting07 kept yelling for the #racers. We was loud and rowdy! Ready for basketball season!
  7. @dirvine31 Dj Irvine
    Three words: mashed potato bowl #Racers
  8.  @jayap06 Jehan Ayap
    long day tom, but it’ll be worth it when the #Soccer get a W! Bring it! Go #racers
  9. @dirvine31 Dj Irvine
    #RandyDunn is the mystery flavor of Airheads #Racers
  10. @mcarsn Mickey Carson
    I’m going to need a racer beatdown on Martin in basketball season #racers


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