Early for vacation

The staff editorial is the majority opinion of the editorial board of The Murray State News.

The idea of having a Fall Break is in many ways a privilege. In other times, the longest holiday any students would receive after summer would be Christmas. Even that was not nearly as long as it is today, with the school handing out an entire month away from studies for basically two days worth of celebration.

Of course, very few students actually complain about the fact of having more time to explore their world. Longer breaks allow for longer trips and more intense short-term study abroad programs.

Copyright Madeline Bartley/The News

The real issue though is how we got to the point where we have a fall break and exactly why the Fall Break does not seem to be taking place in the actual Fall season anymore. Fall’s cool weather and new scenery creates a new and refreshing atmosphere for students who have spent many long months in the summer heat. Some may not enjoy changing out of shorts and T-shirts into jackets and pants.

If that is the case there is a place called Florida which would be happy to have them. When Fall does arrive, it seems everyone is set for the semester. We are finally getting to the business of attending the University and experiencing this whole idea of a higher education when, all of a sudden, we are told to go home and see the family after working so hard these five weeks.

This year Fall Break falls just at the end of September with the leaves just starting to change. Why is the school throwing everyone off when students have not even taken their midterms yet? At least this year’s Homecoming weekend will mean a little something for everyone at the University.