Top #Racer tweets: 9.23.11

  1. bethann9 Elizabeth Ann Lester
    Murray State Football. Enough said. #racers
  2. leahbear18 Leah Freeman
    Dr. Dunn tailgating with us #Racers makes my whole day!! Feeling so lucky that I call @murraystateuniv my’s like no other!
  3. laleczar Luka Milicevic
    Nice little trick play there by the #racers tsu just got #hatched
  4. RacerDave23 Dave Winder
    Wow @RealWildhorse had quite a game. 45-of-67 600yds, 7TD, also caught a TD. New MSU single-game records: attempts, comp & yds. #Racers OVC
  5. laleczar Luka Milicevic
    I dont understand why there are people here wearing UK shirts? Get out of our stadium, this is #RACERNATION #RACERS #WEARERACERS
  6. RustyDal Bryce Dalrymple
    Just waiting for the day when Racer 1 smokes a cheerleader and MSU ends up on “Not Top 10” #espn #racers
  7. nicoyantko Nico Yantko
    I’ve never liked the blue from uk, hopefully stores in Murray start selling that navy and gold more than the royal blue. #changes #racers
  8. laleczar Luka Milicevic
    Murray State is ranked 24th in the country FCS, and its the 1st time the Racers are ranked since 2002. #WeAreRacers #Racers #RacerNation
  9.  mcarsn Mickey Carson
    Welcome to the newest members of the Racer basketball family. Erik McCree and Zay Henderson!! The tradition grows. #racers
  10. SiP03 Isaiah Canaan
    Prolly me lol RT @adamroy_41: @SiP03 who’s gonna have the bigger dunk this year? You or Ed? #Racers

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