Mini-Spotlight: Megan Glosser

Jaci Kohn
Staff writer

Megan Glosser: Senior utility player

Senior Megan Glosser is entering her final season of Racer softball. Glosser, resident of Mattoon, Ill., transferred from Lake Land College after playing for their softball team for two seasons.

Glosser said playing for a Division I school is a completely different level of play.

“At a junior college you work hard, but when you come to a Division I school all the girls are better; they are a lot stronger,” she said. “So you have to work twice as hard to be as successful as you want to be.”

At the end of the 2010 season, Glosser was ranked second in the nation for stolen bases.

She credits this achievement to both pure speed and technique.

“I mean you can be fast but if you don’t know how to steal bases or you don’t know the technique of running your not going to be very successful,” she said.

Glosser has set her goals high for the upcoming season. She said she hopes to be as successful as possible in order to help the team reach its goals of going to the conference tournament, and winning it.

“Being a senior, I think we are all ready to take it to the next level,” Glosser said. “Like last year we had our first win at the conference level and this year we plan to get to the championship game, win it and go on.”

Glosser is a biology, pre-medicine major.

She credits time management for her success at juggling a difficult major along with her commitment to softball.

“You definitely have to make sure that if you have a little bit of spare time, that your studying,” she said. “You’re working on either softball or school work, there’s not a lot of free time.”

Her favorite moments at Murray State have been getting to know the girls on the softball team and building comradery, she said.

“We always joke that if someone was listening to our conversations, they would think we were crazy,” she said. “So I think just the moments like that add up to one favorite.”

Twitter-obsessed Glosser said her favorite movie is “Save the Last Dance.”

“I watch it every night,” she said.

Glosser wears No. 11, has a pit bull named Chico and her future plans include going to medical school at University of Alabama-Birmingham, being a successful doctor and starting a family.

Said Glosser: “I would like to be a surgeon and work in a trauma unit in a big city hopefully.”

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