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Rafiki, voiced by Robert Guillaume, holds baby cub Simba (Jonathan Taylor Thomas) to the animals gathered around Pride Rock.

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I began writing movie reviews at a young age.

I didn’t realize at the time that I was doing this, but as I reflect upon my elementary school days I realize I was destined to critique the art of film.

Take, for example, my review of Disney’s “The Lion King.” This review was written and published in my spiral notebook on March 8, 1996 and included artwork drawn by yours truly.

My teacher at the time provided us with daily prompts we were to answer in at least three sentences. On this particular day my teacher gave us the prompt, “My favorite movie is….”

I, being the wise second grader I was, knew the answer to this almost immediately. After all, in first grade I had a purple backpack featuring young Simba and Nala. I used this until the zipper broke, which happened a month or so after I got it, and then I cried. My best friend had a red Simba friendship bracelet and, because she was super rad, she gave me a purple Nala bracelet. I wore this until it broke, too.

(I may have been prone to breaking things, which sort of explains my broken wrist that year.)

With my best penmanship I wrote my answer in the middle of the page for my teacher to see: “The Loin King!”

I wasn’t the best speller.

I continued with what was probably the greatest review of “The Lion King” ever written. This is the review in unedited form:

“I like it because it has about every feeling in the movie. I also like it because it has exsightment. I like ‘The Loin King.’ It is a good movie.”

I maintain, even 17 years later, that this is an accurate review.

“The Lion King 3D” opened in theaters Friday. The classic animated film has been reformatted for 3D, with wild animals springing to life.

It is not, however, the amazing 3D effects which make “The Lion King 3D” worth the price.

It is the nostalgia.

Rarely are we able to see our favorite childhood films on the big screen again. Nowadays it is more about sequels and remakes, neither of which can capture the magic we felt the first time we saw Simba practice his roar.

Nothing can truly compare to seeing it in theaters, especially when most of my memories of the film included a worn-out VHS copy.

If my Facebook news feed is any indication many people my age who loved the movie as a kid now have kids of their own. This re-release gives their children the opportunity to enjoy the story of a young lion cub’s legacy and to learn the meaning of Hakuna Matata.

What I?said in my review is true: it does have every feeling wrapped up in musical numbers, and these songs are so catchy they are sure to be stuck in your head for the next 17 years.

From the inspiring “Circle of Life,” to the hopeful, romantic “Can You Feel The Love Tonight?” “The Lion King” covers the emotional spectrum.

In fact, I?appreciate this more now that I?am older. When I first said it had “every feeling” I?probably only meant happy and sad.

Now I understand and relate more to the emotions of a young lion cub who is just running away from the pending responsibilities of adulthood.

It is everything a Disney movie should be and hopefully its re-release will spark filmmakers to go back to this level of quality. An animated movie can be heartfelt, exciting, entertaining and beautiful without dumbing down the story because it is a “children’s movie.”

“The Lion King”?is perfect for all ages. It doesn’t matter if this re-release is an attempt to make a few quick bucks before making even more money on the special edition Blu-ray and DVD releases. This is a movie worth the ticket cost.

“The Lion King 3D”?is in theaters now.

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