Freshmen elect Senate representatives

Meghann Anderson
Staff writer

Involvement on campus is a main priority for most freshmen and Alix Bloodworth and Nathan McNichols are making sure the youngest class has a voice as class senators.
Voting was open to freshmen Monday through Wednesday through myGate. Winners were announced in front of the office for center for student involvement at 4:30 p.m. Wednesday.

Bloodworth is a political science major from Murray. She is a member of Alpha Gamma Delta and is president of her pledge class. She is also member of the Murray State College Democrats.
“I care about what the freshman class has to say, and I want to represent different dynamics and different groups on campus,” Bloodworth said. “I’ve been talking to people and making a list of things that they think needs attention.”
McNichols is a pre-law major from Metropolis, Ill. He is a pledge of Phi Kappa Tau and is the Richmond College secretary.
“It is always good to know that the hard work you put into something pays off,” McNichols said. “I hope to do my best and collect the thoughts of the freshmen here at Murray State.”
Social networking played a part in each campaign. Both candidates made a Facebook page explaining why they were running for the position.
McNichols said he used Facebook as his main source to publicize his name.
Four students ran for the positions. Each freshman was allowed to vote for two candidates.
Bloodworth received 92 votes and McNichols received 53.
“The job of freshman senate is to work with the freshman class,” Jeanie Morgan, coordinator for student activities, said. “This is the first time they will survey and plan activities to help the freshman class.”
Morgan said they are asked to evaluate what would be beneficial with first year courses and registering for classes.
President Randy Dunn said it is important for freshmen to get involved.
“Certainly it’s not unusual to see those freshman senators over their years at the University develop into those future campus leaders that we’re trying to foster,” Dunn said. “SGA is an integral constituent group and this is a great chance for freshmen to have their voice heard.”
Freshman senators also have a position on the freshman council.
“The council consists of 15 freshmen that are selected through an application and interview process,” SGA’s website states. “The purpose of the council is to discuss issues, promote services provided by Murray State and plan activities for the freshmen student body.”
Dunn said having freshmen serve is beneficial to the University and policies made.
“Their role is equal to that of any senator,” Dunn said. “And to some degree I would suggest, it probably has more influence than you might think.
“While those new senators don’t have as much of the history of the institution that they’re bringing with them, they still have an outside perspective and that can be valuable, too, when you’re trying to determine policies. I think it’s a good balance to those senators who have been here for a number of years to have some of that fresh thinking come in and a new set of eyes to look at what we’re doing.”
Bloodworth and McNichols started their jobs Wednesday at their first SGA meeting.
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