Top #Racer tweets

1. @cal_e, callie rezek
The reason Walker Texas Ranger got cancelled was because they found a new superhero. #randydunn #racers

2. @julieann10, Julie Keller
Love this rain! Productive morning + football + windows open= AWESOME nap. #racers & @NealBradley on the radio, finish strong #racers!

3. @MarcusOPerry, Marcus O. Perry
Way to Go #Racers!! Now let’s kick TSU’s arse. I don’t care how good their band is. They’re only on the field at halftime.

4. @Rdomoney, Renaldo Domoney
Gonna play some golf, then get pumped and watch the #Racers do some work. I’m ready to see some good offense! #WeAreRacers

5. @DRydecki, diane rydecki
looks like Tom Brady might catch up to our #racers @realWildHorse with his over 500 yd game. still got a ways to go to beat that 570 mark!

6. @MSURacers, Murray State Sports
QUESTION: Where will you be this Saturday, Sept. 17 @ 6p? ANSWER: Stewart Stadium for #Racers home opener vs. Tennessee State!

7. @KyserL, Kyser Lough
Average of one Frosted Flakes ad per break during #racers game on ESPNU last night. Guess what I had for breakfast today? #advertisingworks

8. @RHeathK, Heath Keller
My MSU #Racers football tickets & tailgate pass came in the mail today!

9. @RickyMartinMSU, Ricky Martin
Frost Galcier Freeze Gatorade, White Castle and 10 @ESPN_Colin podcasts. I’ll be just fine driving back from MSU at Louisville. #Racers

10. @dirvine31, Dj Irvine
#randydunn once cried, and the pacific ocean was formed #Racers


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