On-campus kiosk offers movie rentals

Savannah Sawyer
Contributing writer

Melissa Ruhlman/The News

Students do not need to go far to rent their favorite movies.
New at the Curris Center is a Vision 239 video kiosk where students can rent movies with plenty of titles to choose from.
Rentals cost $1 per night for DVDs and $2.49 for Blu-ray discs for the first night and $1.99 for any additional nights. Anyone can rent up to four titles at one time.
Movies, including new releases, are added to the kiosk every Tuesday.
Some people may wonder about the differences between this kiosk and Redbox’s rental kiosks. Willie Fells, co-owner and Partner of Vision 239, said they offer new movies sooner than Redbox does.
“We (not only) offer new releases 28 days before Redbox and Blockbuster (but) we also offer them in their original packaging,” Fells said.
According to the Vision 239 website the kiosk allows anyone to purchase movies to keep. The prices typically range anywhere from $5 to $25 depending on the year the certain title was released.
Fells got the idea for the kiosks while working with his friend and co-owner of Vision 239, William Fields.
“Our idea is to put kiosks in small-town campuses around the country,” Fells said.
Movies can be reserved at the website to be picked up at the kiosk. The website has a list of all of the available movies.
Anyone can check out the website and sign up for an account to get a 10 percent discount.
There are currently four locations for the Vision 239 kiosks.
“We have a contract with Foodrite grocery stores and we have a kiosk set up in Trenton and Gibson, Tenn.,” Fells said.
They are also making their way around small-town college campuses, including Murray State and Delta University.
Kiaya Young, freshman from Paducah, Ky., said she has noticed several students using the rental kiosks.
“I would like to rent from it at some point; they have a lot of new titles that I have been meaning to see,”?she said. “Typically, I go to Redbox to rent my favorite movies.”
Fells said he wants students to know this kiosk is theirs.
“We want to thank you all for making this happen,”?Fells said. “We want your feedback and would love to know how convenient it is for you. Let us know what movies you want to see and we will be more than happy to try to get that title out to you.”
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