Our View: Diversity a must

The staff editorial is the majority opinion of the editorial board of The Murray State News.

The University recently passed a five-year plan to advance diversity on campus.

The Diversity Plan will, if implemented correctly, put the University at a level of competition unknown to many other higher education institutions across the country.

The real challenge is going to be implementing this plan on a wide scale across the University.

At first it may seem like a no-brainer, but in reality achieving the goals set throughout the plan is going to be hard work. This plan has the chance to change the University for the better but one slip up or rehire could ruin the entire idea.

And just as students, faculty and staff need to get behind this plan by the University, there will be increased amounts of diverse amounts of students, faculty and staff.

Although there may be some on this campus who do not see the advantages of creating a more diverse college experience, the reality is diversity is now one of the more important aspects of attaining a higher education.

Unfortunately many other schools have lacked in this endeavor, so seeing the University taking steps to improve itself should be seen as a landmark step, even if it is required of all public schools.

Diversity creates more thinking, more inclusion and overall more progress within our society as a whole.

The experiences we take away from college will determine how we see the world we walk into past the gates of the University.

The benefit of knowledge we receive in the classroom is just as important as the knowledge those around us have to share.