Meet the Racers (Gallery)

Sophie McDonald
Sports Editor

A group of football players ran out of the tunnel onto the field at Roy Stewart Stadium Saturday to be greeted by a plethora of cameras and cheering fans.

However, this was not your average football team.

The participants of the Meet the Racers mini-clinic varied in ages from 6-to-12-years-old and experienced the adrenaline rush of meeting and playing on field with the current football team.

Rain cancelled the event last year, and Head Coach Chris Hatcher said he was pleased with Saturday’s first team-wide meet and greet.

“We had good weather and it was a great turnout for our first event,” he said. “We just hope we got a few little Racers that want to grow to be big Racers now.”

One of those little Racers was 7-year-old Joshua Eaton from Murray who said he was excited to watch football games after meeting the team.

“Today I got to do football skills and drills with some of my friends and the Racer team,” he said. “It was really fun.”

As the day ended with free hot dogs and autographs from Hatcher and the seniors, Hatcher said he believes the annual day of fan interaction will grow into a big time event.

“Football is a sport where guys are wearing uniforms and have a helmet on, so you really don’t get to see what they look like up close and today gives everyone that opportunity,” he said.

At the end of the day, Hatcher said it was all about having fun and creating memories.

“Our guys traditionally have as much fun as the campers do, so all in all, it was a good day.”

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