Jaywalking: All or nothing

Across the political spectrum I keep hearing the same calls for change in our system. Some are just pushing for mild reform and others are pushing for the most radical of steps toward what they see as a better country. The truth is the United States is a country that does not change often or well. We, as citizens, do not react well to any kind of broad government reform.

At the same time whenever the government gets to the point where it may be on the theoretical verge of taking a radical step it seems that one side has an absolute problem with it.

The problem is that no side, left and right that is, has any real initiative to make the changes their party line would suggest because by the time those men we see on the House and Senate floor, in the White House Press Room and sitting on the Supreme Court bench get into the positions of power they hold they are sick.

I think as adults we all know they are not sick with the common cold or even bird flu. They are sick with the power they have and those who gave it to them. And who gave them these powers? We did, or so you think. The reality is we are now living in an oligarchy where the will of the corporate elite have more say than any amount of voters this nation has.

Their money and wealth serve more interest to this country than any one of us. So how do we react to the gross violation of this (somewhat) new system we are in? We won’t.

The average American lives a life others in this world can only dream of. Hence the “American Dream.” We can sit and yell at the television or get in ridiculous comment battles online and in the end the only place we are going to revolt is in our heads. This has been the model of resistance for three decades now. It certainly has not worked.

I hate to break the news to everyone but political change no longer comes from a voting booth or a letter to your representatives (the polite but less common name for politicians).

Real change comes from real work. Not just using our minds. Good ideas must lead to good action. And the best action comes from good ideas, good intentions and good action. Hence the phrase heart, mind and body.

The world is changing dramatically and to be a part of that change we are going to have to take risks that only those oldest members in our society have a living memory of.

We are put to the test and if we fail there is no retry button and definitely no respawning.

So get ready. Arm yourself by whatever means you see fit; physically or mentally.

We may hope for an Egypt but may end up in Tripoli. But if we don’t see ourselves in either that’s when the real trouble begins.

Just remember those in power are willing to put it all on the line before they finally crumble. But their system is collapsing and they are betting all the chips we won’t care.

So ask yourself as a member of this body of citizens just how much is worth the risking to bring the changes you want to see. They will not come because we hope. Hope is the fuel. Change is the mission. So be the agent and show the world how much you believe.

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